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Submersible Well Pumps

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Jet pumps and high pressure submersible pumps for water supply and irrigation applications. Includes 4" diameter pump for borehole installations.

DIVER HF Single Phase 5

Diver HF 5" single phase multistage bottom suction pumps like DIVER are designed for domestic and professional use, for clean water boosting applications. Typical installation is in open wells or tanks for lifting and pressuring water, pressure booster sets and sprinkle irrigation systems. The Diver is ideal for garden watering from a well and for rainwater harvesting systems.

The Diver HF range has been specially designed for applications where a large quantity of water with a medium pressure is needed.

TOP Multi ll Submersible Multi-stage Well Pump

The TOP MULTI II submersible Pedrollo pumps are suitable for use in applications such as domestic water supply from reservoirs, tanks or relatively deep wells, for drawing rain water from cisterns to water gardens or for use in irrigation systems, etc as a result of their high efficiency and reliability.

NK Multi-Stage Submersible Well Pumps

The NKm2/1 (single phase) Pedrollo pumps are suitable for use with clean water in domestic, civil and agricultural applications such as the distribution of water in combination with pressure sets, for the irrigation of gardens and allotments and for pressure boosting etc.

"4SKm" 100 Peripheral Borehole pump (with anti-seize impeller housing)

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Pump Express > Submersible Well Pumps
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