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Pressure Boosting Pumps

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Pressure Boosting Pumps, Home Pressure Boosting

Whether you are looking to boost pressure in a domestic property or for commercial use such as a guest house, hotel or leisure facility, Pump Express supply a range of quiet running professional pumping solutions for increasing water pressure and flow rates where the mains supply is insufficient to meet the demand.

What ever the size of your property, we are here to help you meet the requirements you need.

Pressure Boosting Pump Guidance

If the water pressure in your house, flat or other domestic property is not performing as you would expect, you may need to consider giving it a boost with one of our specially designed water boosting pump packages.

We understand that as a retail customer, you may be confused by all the options available. Our Pressure Boosting Pump Guidance is designed to make life a little easier by taking you through the options step by step and leading you to the solution right for you.

For further assistance, please feel free use our contact form to email your query to us or alternatively, call us during office hours on 01633 244777

All in one pump and tank solutions

Need to boost your mains water pressure?

Water Authority byelaws prevent a pump being connected directly to the mains supply, so when mains supply pressure needs a boost a break tank must be incorporated into the system.

Our all in one box solution is designed to solve this problem providing a fully automatic submersible pump and tank unit able to boost pressure for cold water supplies, high pressure hot water systems or combi boilers.

Water pressure boosting pumps

Need to pump water from an installed header tank or break tank?

If your property has either a header tank or break tank installed and are still suffering from low water pressure then look no further, this range of water pressure boosting pumps is for you! Designed to be installed directly from the tank, these water pumps can boost your whole water supply. Your taps and showers need not suffer from low pressure again.

Boosting Pressure to Taps

Not getting the flow rate you desire from your taps?

Many properties in the UK are suffering from low pressure due to changes in the current water regulations. If you have recently purchased a new tap for your property, you may find that the flow rate is inadequate.

If you are experiencing low pressure, you have two options: either replace your existing tap for a low pressure tap, or see below for a range of pressure boosting pumps designed to increase water pressure to your taps.

NB: These pumps will only be sufficient if your property has a break tank ExplanationWhat is a Break Tank?Break Tanks can be found somewhere in between the main water supply to the property and the boiler system. This could be a combi boiler, copper cylinder or gravity fed boiler system. or header tank ExplanationWhat is a Header Tank?Header Tanks are usually found in the attic of a property with a copper cylinder or gravity fed boiler system. In some instances where a combi boiler is fitted, the header tank is left in the property, however this can only be used to boost the cold water of a property, the hot water feed would come directly from the combi boiler installed. If not, you may need to consider our All-In-One Pressure Boosting Tank Solutions

Pump Express > Pressure Boosting Pumps
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