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Flo~mate Mains Boost Pump

Ref: ST/FM100

Flo~mate Mains Boost Pump

Flo~mate Mains Boost Pump

Manufactured by:

Stuart Turner

Price :

Flo~mate offers a simple solution to boost incoming mains water pressure without the need for a cold water break tank and has been designed to operate within the current UK Water Regulations. At times when there is insufficient mains water pressure, Flo~mate will deliver a minimum of 1.5 bar pressure at a maximum flow rate of 12 l/min, meeting the requirements of most unvented boilers.

Flo~mate also features a built in bypass, which means that when the mains pressure exceeds 1.5 bar, the performance is not restricted. The pump will automatically start when a flow rate of 1 l/min or more exists.

WRAS Compliant
Approval Pending

Technical Specification

Pump shaftStainless Steel
Seal optionsNitrile/carbon/silicon
Pump connection size: 
InletG male
OutletG male

Operating Conditions: 
Max. water temp.35C
Min. water temp.4C
Max. suction liftFlooded
Max. ambient temp.40C
Max. inlet pressure3.0 bar
Min. flow1 l/min
1 Year GuaranteeUnited Kingdom Only
2 Year GuaranteeIf you register your pump online


Pump Express > Pressure Boosting Pumps > Water pressure boosting pumps

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